Wajiha Alam


Coming back from my exchange year in USA, I didn’t look for any other institution, my first and last choice was Roots Millennium College. When I went to RMC for an orientation session by Sir Faisal Mushtaq, I was immediately inspired by his personality and his passion for providing education and that is where my journey with Roots Millennium began

These 2 years have been filled with excitement, challenges and never ending opportunities which play a major part in my education. Being the head girl of the very first batch of RMC, I was handed over a ton of responsibilities which i always looked forward to and they helped me grow and polish my skills. I owe all of this to my amazing counsellor, Ma’am Zyla Sarhady who has helped me out in every step throughout these 2 years and to Ma’am Anza Saqib and Ma’am Hiba Saigal who were always there to give me a push and brought the best out of me. I wouldn’t have been here if my principal, counselors, teachers and above all, Sir Faisal Mushtaq hadn’t believed in me.

After these 2 years, RMC will forever be my home and a place with memories i will cherish for the rest of my life. I learnt a very valuable lesson from here, always strive for what you wish for, and you will eventually get there.

  1. $40000 University of Rhode Island