Talal Sharjeel


I transferred to TMUC (The Millennium University College) after my AS level in beacon house. I was offered scholarship here at roots due to my extra-curricular and my academics. This past last year here in roots has been fruitful and challenging. I met some amazing people here in roots including my counselor Miss Zyla Sethi, our beloved principal Miss Naila Abdi, our academic co-coordinator Miss Sassi, our campus administrator Sir Wali, our admissions counselor Miss Manizeh, and of course the man himself Sir Faisal.

I am a science student, whose dream is to become a doctor, specifically a heart surgeon. I’ve always been fascinated by biology and kept my biology grades consistent. My GPA is currently 3.4/4.0, but I’m trying to improve it. I wanted to apply outside so my counselor helped me in achieving that goal. I gave the IELTS exam last December and I got an overall band of 7.5/9.0. I was awarded the Certificate of academic excellence at my college, and also awarded a Meritorious Award at the Habib University. I’ve applied to a couple of places including turkey, and I already got two acceptances with 50% scholarship and financial assistance. I also applied to a couple of Summer schools. I applied to turkey using Tri-Star education and will hopefully hear from them in the first week of April. Besides Academics, I did a medical Internship at the Indus Hospital, and I am also actively part of the debating society. I am currently the TA (Teacher’s Assistant) of chemistry and biology and also the President of the Fashion and Photography Society. As you can see I have accomplished so much here and I continue to keep moving forward.


  1. 50% Scholarship $23940 from European University Of Lefke
  2. Ternopil State Medical University – Ukraine
  3. Istanbul Bilgi University – Turkey