Miqdad Quettawala


TMUC is everything a person can expect from an A level college and much more. My experience here is one that I will remember my whole life. This is because it ensures that its students get the best education along with amazing extra and co-curricular opportunities to make their portfolios stronger, competitive, and unique, making them stand out from all others.

The opportunities that TMUC has given me are unparalleled. One such opportunity is the JENESYS program, a fully-funded Japanese exchange program for which I was selected because of the help of my counselor Miss Zyla and Miss Anza.

I believe that with a dedicated team of administrators and educators along with an amazing learning environment both of which TMUC provided, students are bound to succeed in their future endeavours.

I thank my principal and guidance counsellor along with everyone at TMUC and the Roots School System for having faith in me and pushing me towards greatness every day. I will forever be grateful for the hard-work put in by my college to help me achieve all that I have to this day and days ahead.


  1. Miqdad Quettawala $72000 Illinois College
  2. Miqdad Quettawala $54000 University of Rhode Island
  3. Miqdad Quettawala $40000 Florida Tech University
  4. Miqdad Quettawala acceptance at Missouri University of Science and Technology