Irtiyah Sohail


After having the honor of representing my country to the United States through a recognized program, I knew The Millennium University College was the place where my dreams could turn into reality.

Not a very outgoing person, it has always been difficult for me to initiate things but when I came across the amazing faculty of Roots from great counselors to professional teachers, I realized that I could change my ways. Through my hard work and immense support from Miss Zyla, my guidance counselor, I got accepted not just in the University of Rhode Island with a great package, but to numerous universities I applied to.

I am so thankful to all the people from our principal Naila Abidi to all the amazing counselors and teachers for leading me to the right path. And of course, I am beyond grateful to Miss Zyla, for being a great role model and an amazing advisor.

These past 2 years of at Roots has proven to be an unquestionably AMAZING journey for me. I would like to thank Sir Faisal Mushtaq for providing us with this amazing opportunity in Karachi and for making all the great things happen.

I have gotten a great exposure attending Roots and I feel proud to be a Millennial!


  1. $80000 at Caldwell University
  2. $58000 Lewis University
  3. $54000 at University of Rhode Island
  4. $51000 Illinois College
  5. Seton Hall University
  6. Arizona State University
  7. Creighton University