Fatima Alibhai


RMC has been an extremely distinct part of my journey in discovering who I am. When I first ran into our esteemed CEO, Mr. Faisal Mushtaq and my counsellor, Ms. Zyla Sethi – I never expected to know them as I do now. Throughout out my time here, I have experienced things I never thought I would – I had the opportunity to be one of the select handful students accepted to Yale Summer School, and had the pleasure of going to Oxford Summer School immediately after. Being here has opened up so many doors for me – and the best thing was feeling like I was never alone in anything I took upon myself. My family at school, my counsellors, especially Ms. Zyla, were always there to support me in my endeavors. Being elected Head Girl during my senior year was the highlight of my educational career so far – to give back to a place that has given quite so much to me.

  1. $54000 University of Rhode Island
  2. Bristol University
  3. King’s College London
  4. SOAS University
  5. University of Warwick