Fareha Abid


3 years down the road, and I feel Roots has prepped me enough to take charge of my life; an outcome achieved by the experiencing Roots in two cities, and the unrelenting support the faculty provides. The greatest lesson I’ll be leaving my schooling with is that you always create opportunities for yourself. Self-sufficiency, value for family & resourcefulness are few of the things I’ve learned here.

From getting accepted to prestigious institutions such as Columbia University & Brown University for summer schools, to securing a full scholarship for my undergraduate studies, I am grateful for all the opportunities and guidance Roots has provided me.

Moreover, if it weren’t for my teachers’ influence, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Sir Javed, Sir Yasser & Ma’am Hiba have had an incredible impact on not only my academics, but also my growth as an individual outside the classroom. Food parties with and invaluable counseling from Miss Zyla, life lessons from both of the principals I have had an honour to know; Miss Naila & Miss Fauzia, and friends who have given me memories I will cherish for life.


  1. 135 % scholarship $259076 American University , Washington DC
  2. $80000 Wagner College
  3. $27000 Albion College
  4. $21000 Merrimack College
  5. Syracuse University