Faisal Ahmed Dehani


Roots Millennium College has been a second home as I haven’t just improved in academics but this place has given me my life lessons and friends who I can call family.

This journey has been great for me I not only achieved a the milestone I had in my mind to improve myself more but RMC recognised the potential I had and always motivated me to reach for the skies.

The people I admire in this college is firstly my sports co-ordinator Sir Nadeem who saw my potential the minute he saw me playing sports and my guidance counsellor Miss Zyla Sarhady who led me to the best suitable path for my further studies. I got accepted in 5 UK universities which is a big deal for me .I’m grateful for everything that this college has done for me. And I will be eternally grateful.

  1. Birkbeck University of London
  2. Birmingham University
  3. University of East London
  4. Middlesex University
  5. University of Westminster