Anum Imtiaz


I walked into TMUC with insecurities and doubt. Who knew within the course of just 6 months I would be aiming for the skies. Here I feel positive and encouraged to do what I want. Here I am motivated and inspired each day and for that I  would like to thank Sir Faisal Mushtaq for giving us life style learning opportunities, my principal and my counselor Ms. Zyla Sarhady for being there and helping us get in to the best of the universities.

From summer school acceptances from Princeton, Jacobs and NYU to undergraduate acceptances from Cardiff, Lancaster, Goldsmith, Brunel, Istanbul Bilgi University, University of Missouri, URI with $40,000 scholarship Fredonia with $32,000 scholarship and Valparaiso with $15,000 scholarship. Apart from this I was also part of Northwestern University’s Winter Media Program in Doha where we spent a week and learnt the art of film making. Working with students from different colleges and learning from experienced professors opened a new world for me. I am grateful to TMUC for everything they have done to make sure we are the best version of ourselves.

  1. $60000 Valparaiso University
  2. $40000 University of Rhode Island
  3. $32000 SUNY Fredonia
  4. $ 16000 Özyeğin University
  5. $24000 Kadir Has University
  6. University of Missouri
  7. Cardiff University
  8. Lancaster University
  9. Brunel University
  10. University of Leeds
  11. University of Hertfordshire

Bilgi University