Aliza Rafiq


I have always believed that anyone can achieve milestones if provided with an environment which polishes one’s strengths, be it intellectual or emotional. During my two delightful years at RMC, I had the opportunity to choose and enjoy the best practice provided by the college. The interaction I had with my teachers was beyond course book and we had discussions in which we integrated the applications of what we were studying in contemporary world and highly advanced future world. That interaction enabled me to opt a multidisciplinary perspective towards the world around me. University application process can be tiring for each student but I would like to thank my counselor, Mam Zyla Sarhady, who thoroughly guided me through the essentials which enabled me to successfully complete it.

Moreover, I also had the opportunity to be among the six high school students from Pakistan to go to a fully funded exchange program named JENESYS in Japan and for that I deeply thank my counsellor Mam Anza Saqib and Sir Faisal Mushtaq for making it possible for us so that we could experience the technological contribution of Japan in agriculture sector and interact with students coming from different countries. This program particularly helped me to identify the level of knowledge and experience I need in order to be able to contribute in the technological sector in Pakistan and elsewhere. By being the President of STEM and Robotics Society and with the aid of my counsellor, Mam Yusra Shaheen, I learnt the responsibilities of a leader to promote science in our community.

RMC was not just a college but a family, I shared great moments with my peers, counsellors and teachers which created a positive atmosphere for me to grow emotionally and intellectually. I hope I would be able to utilize this experience in the best way to contribute to innovating this world.

  1. $500000 Florida Tech University
  2. $120,000 Valparaiso University
  3. $54000 University of Rhode Island
  4. $120000 at Clarkson University
  5. University of Delaware
  6. Drexel University
  7. University of Edinburgh
  8. King’s College London
  9. Bristol University
  10. Istanbul Bilgi University