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Roots Millennium Schools Khyber Campus envisions its outgoing batch/es of MILLENNIALS to be professional, skilled individuals having capability to fit in well into the social fabric and job market and to be able to meet the challenges of the wider world through their well imbued problem solving skills. We at MC Khyber Campus believe in service provision model in education sector based on quality inclusive International minded education for all in purpose built campuses teaching International curricula along with required state curricula in fully equipped classrooms under qualified and professional faculty. At MC Khyber Campus our entire team including Principal, Headmistress, Career Guidance Counselor, ERO (Exam Resource Officer) and faculty members of AS/A Level guide and counsel students on Subject Selection, Scholarships opportunities, Academic Support, Profile Building, Summer Internships, SAT, Community Service & Out Reach, Clubs & Societies, Global Travel, Excursion & Field Trips, Sports Olympiads, Model United Nations Events and University Choices to ensure that millennials have access to the best available undergrad placements locally and globally.

We at MC Khyber Campus aim at cultivating disposition of curiosity and inquiry in our students along with fostering creativity and promoting moral thinking, feeling and action in Millennials. Our vision is to impart education that develops self-realization in Millennials to enable them to fully utilize their true potential and become liberally educated persons. We strive to promote social solidarity, citizenship and civic-mindedness in Millennials and want them to be aware of deleterious effects of racism, provincialism and close-mindedness.  We aim at making our institution a place that would develop Millennials to have religious faith as well ideological purity. Students who would know how to balance the interests of self and the wider community and to foster skills like rationality and critical thinking that would enable them cope with the requirements of the 21th century."

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Roots Millennium College
Chowk Gulabad, Jamrud Road, Phase IIIPeshawar, Pakistan

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